I’m taking a break from miniature painting for a while. I might show a few things now and then but for the most part I’m done with commissions.

I still answer emails about techniques so keep em coming. Thanks for looking and enjoy!

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Elysian Valkyrie 8103 and Drop Troops

Valkyrie insertion

I’ve gone into the details in previous Elysian posts, check them out here:

Painting Elysian Valkyries

Painting Elysian Drop Troops

 – Full Astra Militarum Gallery

This time I went with a white background and some scenic snow surface. Sorry, no animations this time! Also, I forgot to attach the Valkyrie’s front aerial for the photos (always something). Enjoy!

Valkyrie 8103

Elysian drop troops

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Herald of Nurgle, number 2


Warhammer 40K Chaos Daemons Herald of Nurgle.

I did some minor conversions: trimmed the horns, cut the tongue, and readjusted the arm so his sword is forward-pointing (I really didn’t like the original sword arm). Oh, I also twisted the severed head around. I added an extra amount of detail to the skin because it was fun and because I had the model laying around for a pretty long time (similar to the Ork Nob bikers).

Painting organics is a lot more interesting than vehicles. I started to just mix in colors with the washes that I had laying around, using the mixture as a glaze (in conjunction with using actual glazing with glaze medium). I’ve found that washes act as really good glazes, which is probably why GW went with “shade” instead of “wash”. They shade the miniature as well as fill in the recesses.

Herald of Nurgle, number 2

Here’s the first Nurgle Herald I did about a year ago:

Herald, 1

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I had some fun with Photoshop + site aesthetics update

If you head to the Gallery of 40K page then you can follow the respective links! Each finished model post will be it’s own gallery, with links to each by following the banner images from within the Gallery pages. I’ll try to retroactively bring the old models up to date, within reason.

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